YA and Adult Novels: Top Ten Recommendations

Do you ever find yourself bored to death and in need of non-crappy book to read? Well look no further. Here are some books to try out if you find yourself in need of a thought provoking novel, or a simple, enjoyable YA. Feel free to post any good recommendations of your own!

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An Amazing Indie Read

bone roadI’ll be honest; I initially bought this book because one of the main characters shared my name. I really like my name, it’s beautiful, and unique, and I thought, “Gee, I can’t wait to read about this other Annalise and how cool she is.”

She was pretty damn cool.

Mary Holland’s Bone Road is one of those books that is so chock full of creativity, and flavor, and action that, despite only being 376 pages long, finishing the book felt a lot like finishing a fully fleshed out trilogy. The world building was glorious. So much is packed into this novel, from ancient customs and rituals, to nomads, to reincarnation, to what essentially boils down to an incredibly technologically advanced version of realspace Sims (I’m keeping that last little spoiler vague on purpose.)


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