Prakaash Sharma Shares his Advice on Writing and Publishing a Novel

prakaash sharma.jpg Prakaash Sharma is a management and engineering professional as well as an educationalist by qualification. He is best known for his impartial and analytical opinions on political, social and religious issues. He is also a passionate social thinker. The books “Pratibimb” and “Mahakte Panne” were published by Yuvraj Prakashan which consist of his prominent works.

His first book ” Kathputli”, which was published in March 2017, made news for two months right from social media to print media.

What are you hoping readers come away with after reading your books?

Actually, I am a social thinker. As an author, I use to write something inspiring for the betterment of the society. I highlight the issues and try to convey my message through my characters. I think that after reading my books, the readers will come up with positive reviews saying that they understood my sole intention. On the part of typos and formatting, I would love to hear challenging reviews because the readers are the creator of a bestseller.  I have never been in favour of excessive words but recently when I got a review that there is a need of some more explanation, I elaborated some of my stories.

How do you publicize your books?

I never used any paid service to publicize my books. I use my social circle for it. Recently, I used free promo on KDP and listed a giveaway on goodreads for my first book “Kathputli”.

Life_In_Shackles_Cover_for_KindleWas there a particular moment or event that inspired you to write your book Life in Shackles?

Yes, It was first week of May’17, when “StorytellerUK2017” contest became my inspiration for writing “Life In Shackles”. It was the time when I was working on my next short story book. But I stopped that and within 10 days I presented “Life in Shackles” in the English language. It’s a great collection of short stories on the plight of women. I worked ten hours per day to ensure my participation in the Contest. I am very happy to see readers responses for this book from the UK, USA and India. I am happier to see that readers in USA and UK are buying print versions of my books while “Kathputli” is in Hindi language.

What made you decide to become an independent author?

To be very frank, I have tried a lot to get my work published with traditional publishers but failed. I contacted some literary agents but they turned down my request the very next day. Even I contacted some vanity publishers too but their demand was too high. Hence, I dare to be an Indie and I am happy to find myself on Google search up to around 15 pages 😊

 What is your favorite part about being an independent author?prakesh book 2.jpg

Being an Independent Author is a great learning experience for me. As I told you, I haven’t used any paid resources, I may design a book cover, I have learnt book formatting for Kindle, Createspace, Smashwords, Draft2Digital and many more. My formatting of Kathputli was rejected by Smashwords’s Meatgrinder more than 50 times within 45 days but I have done that and my success story started from there. I learned blog management and you will be surprised to know that I became expert in marketing and promotion. Tough the number is low but there are readers of more than 20 countries on my blog which I have started afresh after 10th July’17.

If you could give advice to someone who wants to become an independent author based on your own experience, what would you say?

The one word suggestion for aspiring authors “Be passionate”, it works.


You can buy Life in Shackles here from Indiebound