Alex Thomas Davis on Writing and Marketing his Children’s Books

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Alex Thomas Davis is primarily a singer songwriter, and has also worked across multiple industries. His books are aimed at children mainly, aged 7-14 but adults would enjoy reading them too. He only started writing in 2017 and hopes to write a cornucopia of children’s poetry books.


What’s one thing you would like to change about the way you handled writing and publishing your first book?
Nothing really it all went really well. As a songwriter who has written 50 albums, I decided to branch out into writing children’s poetry books, and I absolutely love it! I self published, and am currently working on book 5. The idea is to write 6-7 books and then send them all off neatly to publishers with a ribbon tied around them. So that is the plan.

baby crow.jpgHave you ever gotten shivers from reading your own books?
Of course, when my poetry hits the spot! Baby Crow and Baby Pigeon are terrific characters.

What was the best expenditure of money you have made throughout this process?
I have found that self publishing doesn’t really reap rewards moneywise. It is a process I am doing in order to get noticed better. ie. funky front and back covers too. Although I did make it into the top 50 Children’s Poetry Books on Amazon, next to Dr Seuss and Benjamin Zepeniah!

What do you hope kids can come away with after reading your book?baby pidgeon.jpg
Kids can learn about music, football, birds, people and wildlife. And it all rhymes in a zany way, so hopefully it will make them remember better. I am currently working on Baby Crow & Baby Pigeon’s A-Z of Popular Music Volume Two L-Z. This is the second book in the mini series, and will contain a poem about every decent artist and band SO FAR! It is epic, funny, and great for kids to learn about musicians and singers.

What are the challenges of writing a picture book that people may not be aware of?
Well – my books don’t contain pictures – as yet. But there is definitely scope for this. My poetry paints pictures – hopefully!

What are the personality traits you need to have in order to be a successful self-published author?
Dedicated, and organized to a point. Get into the habit of writing, you’ll enjoy it! << If you don’t enjoy it there’s no point is there!

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