The Story of a New ARC and a Spider

Yesterday, I received a brand new spankin’ ARC called Yesterday, by Filicia Yap. Giddy over the prospect of taking a picture, I threw the book on my bed.. when the fastest spider I have ever seen slithered its way out of the book and dashed under my blankets. Great. Now I had to go fishing in my bed for some random spider that may or may not have the capability to kill me.

After overturning some blankets, I finally saw the thing. Having no paper in sight and not wanting the eight legged bastard crawling all over my body in the middle of the night, I scooped my hands around the spider to try and pick it up. After dashing around trying to avoid my hands, the thing finally gave in and crawled up my finger. However, because it was the fastest spider known to man, within half a second it was dashing up my arm to burrow into my shirt. Suffice it to say, that was pretty much the last straw with this thing, and I violently shook my arm to try and fling it off. I’m about 90 percent sure that the spider is no longer crawling along my flesh, although I can still feel its prickly little legs all over my arm and shoulder. So now the arachnid is loose in my room somewhere and I’ve decided not to worry about it. What happens happens. If it happens to crawl over my exposed face at four in the morning, then I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

Anyway… back to the ARC. Felicia Yap’s Yesterday is an adult novel about a world in which people can only remember one or two days back. This novel is a murder mystery, solved from the unique viewpoints of investigators, and perpetrators, who only have the capability to store memory for a day or two at a time. The premise is fascinating, and I hope the book lives up to its potential!

Here’s the lovely cover:

Yesterday arc pic.jpg

I will post a review about Yesterday on the book’s launch date; August 1st

My First Ever Blog Post

plague year.jpgSo here it begins; my very first book review blog. Well, that’s not completely true. I used to read and review ARC’s for my local independent bookstore several years ago. However, life gets busy, time goes on, and, eventually, you find yourself cramped in a crowded dorm room at ten o’clock at night with nothing to read but a badly written 17th century novel about the London Plague and your Cellular and Molecular Biology textbook, neither of which is really a viable option. This, my friends, is what we call literary rock bottom.

Then a miracle happened. A writer friend of my mothers sent her his book. And I read it. And I loved it. Then, as I was about to post a review online…I had an epiphany.

Dude, I addressed myself, You could do this professionally. You would get to read and review books ALL THE TIME. If you get lucky, people might actually send you books and CARE about your literary opinions!

Wait…hold up, Pessimist Me interjected. Don’t good blogs cost money, and time? What about writing talent? Surely this is not a good idea.

Yep, I’m doing it! Spazzy, Impulsive Me cried, and bought a domain name.

Thus, Who Needs Sleep was born.